Photo Enforcement

While the Police Department does a great job to make Union City streets safe, Union City’s Photo Enforcement Program provides round-the-clock monitoring of intersections where accidents and violations occur most frequently. Offenders have the option of paying a fine or applying for a court hearing on the violation in city court. Citations are printed with photographic records of the offense so drivers can see the record personally.


It is our desire that no one recieve a photo enforcement ticket and our intent to reduce injury accidents and save lives. Please help us achieve these goals by paying attention to the redlights and speed zones and by obeying the traffic laws.


Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about red light and speed camera enforcement along with the locations of all fixed system photo radar equipment:

East Reelfoot Avenue and South Miles Avenue
East Reelfoot and South Home Street
West Reelfoot and Everett Boulevard
Everett Boulevard and West Main Street

How does the Photo Enforcement program work?

The Photo Enforcement program operates 24 hours a day seven days a week and operates in all weather conditions. Warning signs are posted on approach to a photo enforcement zone. The program works by using high resolution high speed digital cameras that are activated when a red light and/or speed violation occurs. The two different methods in which the violations are detected are by using fixed sensors or radar. The cameras are activated when either the sensors or radar detects that a violation has occurred. The cameras capture digital images that document the violation, vehicle and license plate. The Union City Police Department reviews every violation. Upon review a Traffic Violation Notice by a Commissioned Officer for verification, the Complaint is mailed.

How does a red light camera work?

A red light violation occurs when a vehicle crosses the legal violation point (stop line) and proceeds through the intersection after the traffic light has turned red. It is not a violation if the vehicle has entered the intersection prior to the signal turning red (such as to complete a left hand turn).

On right turns on red signal, the vehicle must make a complete stop, prior to the point of violation (stop line), and then may proceed through when traffic has cleared and it is safe to do so..
How do the speed cameras work?

Mobile Speed Vans:

The Union City Police Department has contracted with Redflex Traffic Systems for mobile speed vans throughout the City. The vans are set up with a sophisticated RADAR unit that monitors vehicle speeds as traffic approaches the van. If a vehicle is exceeding the �enforcement� speed, the RADAR unit signals the cameras to capture an image of the violating vehicle as it approaches the enforcement van and a second image as it goes past the van.

Fixed Speed Cameras:

Union City has also implemented fixed speed cameras at various locations including intersections. If the speed of the vehicle is over the enforcement speed, the cameras will activate and record the speed violation. The intersection speed cameras are the same units that record red light violations. They are specially programmed to also register the speed of a vehicle at a intersection.

Are red light cameras effective?.

Yes. Red light cameras have been proven to be effective in reducing red light violations and right-angle crashes. Cities using these systems consistently report safer roads with fewer intersection collisions. During the first six months of the program, injury crashes have been reduced 53%.

If I am already in the intersection when the light turns red, will I get a citation?

No. Citations are only issued when a vehicle enters the intersection AFTER the light has turned red. If you enter the intersection on a green or yellow light an image will not be captured by the camera system..

Who receives the Traffic Violation Notice?

A Traffic Violation Notice will be received at the registered owner’s address depending on information gathered during the review process.

What is the amount of the fine?

The fine for a photo enforcement violation in Union City is $50.00

What if the registered owner was not driving the vehicle at the time of the violation?

The Traffic Violation Notice has a location for the owner to submit the name and address of the person responsible for the violation and return it to the address shown on the Traffic Violation Notice. Refer to the Traffic Violation Notice for specific detailed instructions/requirements..

Where do I send my payment for a Traffic Camera Violation?

Use the top coupon of the notice you received in the mail, which is already addressed to the payment center, and mail a check or money order to the address listed on your violation. Credit/Debit card payments can also be made online at  If you still need assistance you may call 877-847-2338

Can I receive citations for offenses other than a red light and/or speed violations?

No, the only violations to be issued from the camera system will be red light or speeding violations.

Does this go on my driving record?

No. This is a civil violation and does not go to the State of Tennessee.

Where can I get information regarding my Traffic Violation Notice?

You may call toll free (877) 847-2338 for the Customer Assistance Center.


Together we can make Union City safer.
Remember to slow down and red means stop.