About Our Department

The Union City Police Department is currenly made up of thirty-two commissioned officers and ten civilian employees. Each employee works within a division and all the divisions of the department work together to ensure efficiency. The divisions are as follows:

• Patrol Division
The Patrol Division responds to routine and emergency calls for service. The members of this division provide crime prevention and detection through random and directed patrols throughout the city. Patrol officers respond to and assist with both police and non-police related activities. There are twenty-three uniformed officers assigned to three patrol shifts, who each work an eight hour shift. Three are Sergeants who supervise the day to day operations of each shift. The Patrol Division is overseen by Patrol Lieutenant Melvin Dowell.


• School Resource Officers 
Two additional officers are assigned as School Resource Officers. One at Union City High School and Union City Middle School, the second at Union City Elementary. The School Resource Officer program was instituted in 1999 in the school system at all three levels to enhance the relationship between law enforcement and the youth of our community through a closer working relationship and to foster a safer environment in the schools. Officer Stephanie Marshall is the SRO at the elementary school and Officer Raphe Whaley is the SRO at the middle school and the high school


• Criminal Investigation Division 
The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation, preparation, and prosecution of all major felony cases within the jurisdiction of the Union City Police Department. Investigators typically investigate deaths of suspicious nature, robbery, child abuse, sexual assaults, forgery and fraud and other crimes of a serious or felony nature. According to the TBI Crime in Tennessee report their solvability rate is 43.81%, which is well above the state average. The C.I.D. consists of three investigators, and is overseen by Lieutenant Andy Gibson


• Communications Division 
The Communications Division is generally the first level of contact for the public and is often the busiest areas of the police department. They are responsible for emergency and non-emergency communications for police and often for other emergency agencies. The dispatchers are highly trained and must sometimes prioritize requests for services and then initiate the response of the appropriate personnnel. The division utilizes radios, telephones, telecommunications device for the deaf, teletype, facsimile, and computers to facilitate the exchange of information between the public’s requests for service and the appropriate personnel. This division currently consists of three full-time dispatchers and one part-time dispatcher. Other times certified officers are used to perform these duties


• Support Services Division 
The mission of the Support Services Division is to provide a variety of services to the public, officers, courts, prosecutors, attorneys, insurance companies, city departments and other police agencies, primarily of which is the maintenance and dissemination of records in compliance with applicable laws. Reports include Police Incidents, Accident and Administrative Reports documenting police activities. Required monthly reports are submitted to the state for Crime Statistics. Other essential functions of members of this division include assisting in the daily operations of their area of assignment. The operation of standard office equipment, the receiving and depositing of revenues, and various other duties as called upon to perform. Each member of this unit must possess the ability to multi-task and manage work load with often times multiple interruptions. In addition they must be able to communicate effectively with diverse individuals


• Drug Task Force
The department supports the Drug Task Force by assigning two officers. One is responsible for drug investigations and undercover operations. The second is assigned to highway interdiction. Over the years, the DTF has successfully seized several vehicles used to transport narcotics along with large amounts of drug money and a significant amount of narcotics have been found and destroyed.


• Animal Control Department 
In addition the Animal Control Department falls under the direction of the Police Department. It is comprised of one full-time ACO and one part-time ACO. Along with duties of picking up animals and their care while housed, they are responsible for the care and up keep of the holding facility. This department answered 839 calls for service last year and picked up 240 dogs and 131 cats. Sixty-nine citations for leash law violations were issued